The research and production module is a Minipimer initiative based on organizing weekly open workshops dedicated to the critical exploration of different topics. The proposed methodology combines the study and analysis of a specific theme with the collective development of artifacts that speak about the collective reflection developed in the process.

Cyborg Game (April /July 2012)

“The Cyborg Game” arises  from the idea of analyzing Donna Haraway’s Cyborg theory through the use of  game design methodologies.

The working model is based on the idea of using design game methodologies and tools to facilitate the research, production and dissemination process of concepts related to cyborg theory.

The final result will be formalized in a collaborative game.

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Telepresence (November/December 2011)

The “Telepresence” module arise from the proposal of collaboration with Intact and developed through a 5 weeks period. The research topic was to explore connected things and enhanced communication.

This module’s results included a teleshared action, a workshop and the creation of a teleoperated brainwave disruptor.

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Collective Technology (April/July 2011)

The “collective technologies “module arises from the idea of exploring the relationship between theories related to collective intelligence, collective creation and interface culture.

This module’s result was formalized in the “Possible Imposible Machine” and in the epic failure of the “Cyberpunk history”.

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Body and Technology  (September/December 2010)

The “ body and technology” module was focused on analyzing the role of  control, desire and influence produced by social technology in bodily cognition and identity construction.

This module’s result was formalized in a collaborative html and a jam session:

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