The machine of possible impossible is a reflection about the interactivity boundaries and power structures present in machines. The machine had two versions:

V0.1: The first version needed to work the interaction of three or more participants to give some absurd sentences. This artifact, social machine or poetic programing is a tool to stimulate human interaction. We did a jam session like this.

V0.2: This machine was a pretext to discuss, a meta-cognitive object, a self-learning process, a social technology that works as a box full of errors. The machine is an open construction process, we propose a reflection about collective creation and about the possible (and impossible).

This machine wants to be a methodology, a manifesto, a machine. It’s final result, even if it’s endless, is an esperpento.


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For the v.0.2 construction we did a workshop in the LIWOLI festival (Linz, Austria).

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