- 03/2012: Occupy Input Decoder, Online Networked Performance,

- 12/2011: Telepresence workshop, Hangar / Laboral (Spain)

- 09/2011: Teleshared performance Hangar/Laboral (Spain)
- 08/2011: Livestreaming workshop, Escuelab, Lima, Peru.

- 07/2011: Collective Stupidity, jam session, Hangar, Barcelona.

- 06/2011: Silver Wedding to the Rocks (Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens), live streaming, CCCB, Barcelona.

- 05/2011: Input Decoders, live performance, Liwoli, Linz, Austria

- 05/2011: The possible-impossible machine, installation, Liwoli, Linz, Austria

- 01-04/2011: Quadrivium: “audiovisual language workshops”, Hangar, Barcelona. .

- 11/2010 : ‘minipimerエs Filescape‘, installation in Mediateca expandida, Summerlab Showcase, LABoral (Gijón,Spain)

- 11/2010 :  ‘the worst of us’, video, Macba,Barcelona

- 09/2010: Streaming and mixing Archivo Post-capital de Daniel G. Andújar, Madrid

- 03/ 2010: Culturalbot Streaming, Hilda Iáñez, Galeria Metropolitana, Santiago, Chile

- 11/2009: Piksel Streaming festival, Bergen, Norway

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